Join me for a more intimate conversation about liberation.
I'm a verbal processor. Wanna listen in?

Ever wondered what my own liberatory practice looks like from day to day?

Then you're in luck!!! 

I created a private podcast to share it with you.

Liberation is my religion and spiritual practice.

Yeah, I said that.

And I'm still processing that statement.

Some people run to a cozy nook with a journal to dive into and puzzle through their thoughts, but not me.

I find writing it all out painful and so very, very time consuming because my brain is moving faster than either my pen or keyboard can keep up with.

So I've decided to give myself a space to telegraph all the "verbal journaling" I do.

And I'm inviting you to come along with me while I sort through all the mess and make connections around co-creating the syllabus for liberation, better defining what liberation and living well actually mean for me in my body, and getting things out of my head and into the world.

Maybe you'll even be able to connect some dots in your own life and experience from listening to me practice out loud.

If that sounds good, then join me for:

deep thoughts

snarky rants

fat joy

These episodes are NOT AT ALL curated to fit some marketing strategy.

They're about whatever is on my mind and the things I'm feeling and processing through as a fat, queer, biracial, chronically ill, disabled, and parenting small business owner and body haver. 

Check out some of these raw, unfiltered topics:
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